Understanding your business and designing the technology to support it
Expand our company by making your business successful through technology


Align customer business needs with technology
Our vision is to become a leader in the architecture and cyber-security space
Complement technology with proper management consulting, we strive to provide unprecedented efficiencies and effectiveness across the board

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Cloud Provisioning and Management
Azure AD, Federation Services, SSO Integrations, deployment and Support
Office 365 Suite Deployment, migration, transition and management
Infrastructure as a Service setup and provisioning, automation and deployment
Proactive Monitoring and Alerting
Defense in depth security model application and data protection

Amazon Web Services

AWS Cloud Provisioning and Management
EC2 and Web services support
Delivery and deployment of web site related services such as application load-balancers and application gateways
Other AWS services as required

Hybrid Infrastructure


Infrastructure and Application Security

- Public Cloud
- Private Cloud
- Hybrid Infrastructure
- Application Security

Firewall and Network Security


Governance, Risk and Compliance

- NIST-CSF Framework Implementation through CIS Top 18
- ISO 27001, SOX, GDPR compliance advisory services

Mobile and Endpoint

- Client VPN
- MDR and EDR
- File Integrity Monitoring

Operational Technology

- IoT Devices
- ISO SCADA Systems

Learning and Training (Coming Soon)

Offecnsive Security

Public Cloud Architecture

You have made the decision to move to Cloud? Great! Let us help you with cloud transformation
Solutions design and the pathway for all your services to IaaS, SaaS or PaaS in the cloud
AWS or Azure, your choice, let us help on designing the deployment
Azure AD, Federation Services, SSO? Let us support you on that decision
Are you on the verge of making the decision?
Let us give you an opinion and recommendation based on your requirements

Private Cloud Infrastructure

Let us help you define the way to infrastructure modernization and advancements
Traditional LAN and WAN network as required by business or moving to SD-WAN
Servers? Storage? Hyper-Converged? Network? Any and all platforms for your Enterprise Private Cloud
Have your own team of architects and systems engineers, great. Let us validate the design
It is always valuable to have that “second set of eyes”, or maybe third!?
High availability, resiliency, disaster recovery and overall business continuity is our specialty

Hybrid Infrastructure


Management Consulting

Let our experienced consultants help you with strategizing the future of your IS
Let us align to your business needs and avoid the business wants
Modernization or Transformation planning? We are here for you
New company? Let’s build technology right the first time
Furthermore, let us help you define the needs and hire your Managed Service or Full-time employees

Strategic Planning and Roadmaps

You went through product selection? Great, you don’t have the people to do it? Let us help
More coming soon

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