Public Cloud Security

Cybersecurity Advisory services for secure-by-design and application of defense in depth
Same as the on-premises there are numerous practices and controls that need to be accounted for
Let our experienced team help you with compliance and regulatory efforts such as PCI, SOX, ISO27001, NIST
Let us help you get compliant and if it is your wish, we will engage the QSA for you as well

Private Cloud Security

With the threat landscape on the constant rise, let us review yours with an unbiased opinion
Firewall design and traffic management
Let us review and validate the vulnerability scan and design the plan for remediation
Let us help you define the security best practices
Information privacy policy, let us add to the full lifecycle

Application Security

RBAC Anybody? Are you sure we know who can see our reports?
Let us help you design and deploy applications securely
SSO, Large applications, large deployments, ERP?
We will get you there, in a timely fashion